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07 March 2016 14.00 o’clock, the foyer of the Thomas Cook headquarters in Oberursel, Germany is packed


Since 2014, as Thomas Cook launched their new hotel brand name, the smartline hotels, they are measuring how good they perform and every year the best 3 hotels receive the #qualityaward!!! Five factors influence the hotels’ performance throughout the year : 1. the online reputation, 2. the complaint ratio, 3. the brand compliance, 4. the result of health and safety checks and 5. the communication with and the support to the Thomas Cook Hotels & Resorts. In the year 2015 our hotel managed to score 108 points, 22 points behind the smartline Aquamare in Rhodes and 6 points ahead of the smartline Kaptan in Turkey, which brings us to No 2 out of 84 smartline hotels in 12 countries worldwide!!! It was a great honour for Mr.Vasilis Tsamandouras, our Hotel Manager, to receive this precious award from the Thomas Cook headquarters in Oberursel, Germany 2 weeks ago and we would like to share these happy moments with you!



Mr. Vasilis Tsamandouras is announced to come and receive his award


Mr. Vasilis Tsamandouras receives the quality award from Ms. Claudia Loehr, smartline Brand Product Manager, Marius Reuther, Junior Brand Marketing Manager and shakes hand with Mr. Gustaf Laner, Deputy Director of Franchise Operations


Of course, for us this doesn’t mean that we can now lean back and relax. This award will give us a much stronger motivation to continue the hard work, to keep on investing, to pay attention to the tiniest detail in order to be on that podium every March in the years to come! We are not happy with No 2. Our goal is No 1! The competition is hard among the smartline family members. Every single one of us is struggling to receive this award, so everyone is getting better and better every year! The good thing is that we all do what we do because of our hotel guests. They (you) are the reason why we often get no sleep at nights, thinking of how we can make your stay in one of our hotels better! Take advantage of that! For more information go to www.smartlinehotels.com or just visit your nearest travel agent!



The winners

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